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Fishing with Proper Job Pop-ups

Good carp fishing requires skill which comes from experience and what successfully works for one angler may not work for another.  There is no guaranteed method to catch a fish otherwise what would be the point but there’s no harm in trying to find an advantage to help us in our quest.  Catching a fish using a new method can really boost your confidence, but what’s really important is that we analyse why that particular method was successful.  Typically, we simply can not witness how the fish we have caught approached and took the hook bait.  However, over time I have carefully monitored how takes have come about.  Below are some of my post-catch studies which help give insight as to what carp sense and react towards under the surface. I must stress that what I am about to say is based on my own observations and is no way cast in stone. But all carp witnessed are in fishing lakes and not tanks.


Access to a boat enables you to place your rig and freebies precisely.  It also means that once you’ve caught your carp you can revisit your baited area to “check-your spot”.  Having done this several times myself at Wraysbury, I discovered that my alternative hook baits were being picked up before the majority of my freebies were eaten.


While recently packing up after an over-nighter on a sparsely stocked water, I replenished my two marginal baited spots with 15 litres of maize on each.  But just before I left, I noticed a dark shape moving across one of the replenished spots.  Out came the rods again!  They were equipped with two low down pop-up rigs to which I attached a 13mm bright orange pop-up.  After following the carp’s patrol routes I carefully placed the hook baits and retired to watch events unfold.  I witnessed the take after watching him show an increasing interest.  The strong flavour and high colour made the bait stand out from the mass of yellow maize the fish was initially drawn too.


I guess what I am saying is “If you fish the right method, in the right place, at the right time, you are in with a very good chance of a fish or two”

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