Proper Job Pop Ups

Why should I buy Proper Job Pop-ups?

Until now Proper Job Pop-ups have been available exclusively to only a few “in-the-know” anglers.  They have been amazed by this product and the edge that it gives them when fishing for big carp.  Good news as Proper Job Pop-ups are now available for you to buy and these are the reasons why these unique pop-ups give you a real advantage and WILL revolutionise your rig presentations…

Hook point presentation remains in place ready for a take!

Unbelievable longevity/optimum buoyancy means they do not sink eradicating problems with hook points getting impaled in lake-bed debris.
My optimum buoyancy constituent rids you from the hassle that using cork to hold up a hook can bring. It also keeps the bait flavour at a premium as there is no cork dust to dull its potency.
Unbeatable array of pop-up sizes (11mm 13mm 15mm & 10mm x 15mm barrels) formed from individually formulated mixes long lasting buoyancy to suit today’s modern rigs. This choice optimises your freedom to use a range of hook gauges suitable for different waters and is particularly useful for the heavier hooks needed when fishing weedy waters.
Due to the optimum buoyancy constituent your rig will rapidly recoil back to its most efficient hooking position when disturbed by a fish in close proximity. 


The effects of piercing and mounting on a hair in the traditional manner will have a negligible effect on the pop ups buoyancy/durability.
Exceptional quality control as every bait is hand rolled and brushed off the table by myself.
Low bait expansion – the quality of rolling and ingredients means bloating is minimised and baits size will increase only a fraction over a period of several days (e.g. 11mm to 12mm).
Even consistency and firmness keeps baits secure and stable – waterfowl will have a hard-time removing these pop-ups from your rig.
Extensive testing for quality has proven the longevity of these baits – they DO last for days on end!


My attractor packages have been extensively researched and trialled resulting in a formulae proven to successfully catch big carp even on pressurised and difficult waters, all year round.
The pop up base mix includes Top Quality human grade milk fractions
Essential oils as well as food items such as Liver Extract and or Green Lipped Mussel Extract (to name but two) have been included within some of the pop ups makeup!!
No proprietary preservatives have been used.

Optimise your casting range:- Rig up with an 11mm Proper Job Pop Up to reach those fish a long way out. A small bait means less air resistance thus extending your cast by a few meters.
The limited rig presentations imposed by lesser products are now history.
Ideal for use with PVA bags or stockings as well as with ZIG rigs.
All baits are needle friendly.
All baits can be shaped by whittling. 



Wide choice of flavours, sizes and colours with each flavour produced in up to three different colours (four different colours in the case of the Classics Range) so when a bright/fluorescent coloured baits is not suitable, use a subtle more discreet coloured pop-up instead.
Great value!  Mixed sizes in a tub means you can discover what the 11mm 13mm  15mm and 10mm x 15mm barrels baits are capable of without having to purchase separate tubs of each size.

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