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Pineapple & N/Butyric

Chris Whitehorn - Hampshire

Hi Kevin

Just thought I'd buzz you an email to say how great I think all your "food boosted type" pop ups are!
My catches over the winter and this spring since switching to these has been nothing short of incredible!
Plus my mates are having the same reaction with them on various waters.
We've been flitting about to over the colder months and some of these waters are tricky waters too!
I had a string of big fish up to low 40 on them and to say I'm confident every time I put one out on a hinge is an understatement! BUZZING!
Keep up the good work Kevin


Darren Heal - Somerset

Hi Kevin

I whittled some 11mm pink stinkers (spicy liver sausage) down and used for Zigs(13.5ft) as the standard black foam just wasn't inducing a take although the fish were visibly active. Anyway to cut a long story short the change of hook bait brought about 3x 20+ commons to 28:08lb in 24hrs during early spring at Christchurch when others were struggling to get 1 take (including ex syndicate members). I am pretty sure without these little bright stinky beauties I would of been struggling like the rest, also wasn't bad for my first trip there

cheers Kev....sssshhh big edge!!!!

David Short – Essex

Thanks very much... Absolutely love your pop ups, best I’ve ever used, catch rate has gone through the roof. Soooo buoyant, perfect for my little chods. Had so many fish on the pineapple and also the pink plum, confidence is sky high, bait, rigs, sorted. Just got to find them and it’s a dead cert.

Michael Walton – London

Hi Kevin

Having joined a large lake in Cambridgeshire with depths exceeding 30 feet in places I wanted to use an “in your face” pop up rig to tempt the nomadic carp.

Having used a number of proprietary pop ups from some of the larger bait companies, I was more than a little disappointed with the buoyancy of the hook baits after 12 hours in the water (they all sunk when tested in the margins!).

This left me with a dilemma as I couldn’t be sure if the bait was acting as a pop-up or sitting on the bottom, poor hook holds and lost fish confirmed my suspicions.

I looked on the proper job website to look at the products offered and I was pleased to see a number of hook baits in various sizes, colours and flavours to compliment the rigs I use, but more importantly the pressure test section.

Having purchased a couple of pots of pineapple (white & yellow) and crab (purple) I was keen to try them. Picking a swim 27ft deep I caught from the off, but more importantly the 13mm pop ups were no less buoyant than when I had cast them out some 15 hours earlier.

Some 12 months after buying my first pots, my confidence in Kevin’s products is 110%.

I have found that alternating the colour but staying with the same flavour often brings bites when things are slow i.e. black pineapple instead of the more often used yellow.

Kind Regards


Nick Hill – Wiltshire

I have known and fished with Kevin for 20 years and I can honestly say that he’s an exceptional angler, and a perfectionist in everything he does, and that shows in the quality of these pop ups.

I have helped Kevin field test his hook baits over the last 2 years, on the North Met and Roach Pit, catching 30lb+ fish on my first sessions on both lakes using single hook bait tactics and I have had a very good success rate whenever the need to use this approach arose.

What makes these pop ups so good is their buoyancy and they are superb for modern big fish rigs, chod rigs and zig rigs as they maintain their buoyancy indefinitely and I would have no worries in leaving one out for 3 days.

I can particularly recommend White Scopex, Yellow Banana or any of the new Chocolate Malt range.

Nick Hill

Ricky Holohon – Birmingham

Hi Kev

Just to let you know I took your 11mm pop ups and some tips out with me. I don’t get out loads to my syndicate being a dad and husband (like most I guess) however I really fancied fishing the tips over bait on my syndicate water, for which I’ve been a member the last five years. I spoke to a lad last wk and he told me he hadn’t had a fish out all last year with most lads fishing around 20 nights.

First time out a 24, 2nd time out a 25 and a 22, 3rd time out, 12 takes 5x20s and a 31.12. I’ve attached a picture mate she’s clonking. I’ll send it off to Carp Talk.

Check out the linear website all my catches should mention your gear. Am I happy with your gear, I aint half mate.

Hope your well and all the best.


Mike Winstone (former B.C.A.Champion)

"without question Kev’s pop-ups are the most buoyant I’ve ever come across, exactly what pop ups should be, and they will remain buoyant indefinitely.
When Kev sent me some for the first time to have a look at, I knew before I received them they were going to be good.
I took some of the Crab pop ups that he does to a local water for a day only session and took 11 carp including several upper twenties.
Having got to know Kevin over the years, there’s no doubt he has a great understanding of all things carpy.
If he says it’s good, it’s good.
Finally a pop up that does what it says on the tin. In a range of unique sizes and flavours, these little gems are sure to become a hit."

Lee Harraway Oxford - Savay Syndicate Member

If you like a Pop Up or Zig rig. What you need to know is this. You have Not seen anything like these pop ups before Anywhere.
A big claim, yes I grant you.
I have been lucky enough to watch Kev develop this product, and I know how much work he’s put in to perfect them over the last three years.
Then add the attractor profiles, which are actually proven on some of the toughest carp waters in the country.
The right time, right place, right spot is still up to you. But rest assured they will scoff um when they find um. That simple, no ifs, no buts.
Kev made us some Cream Specials in 11mm for France. We caught in excess of forty carp to 54lbs ( 6 x 40s 15 x 30s )The 54 and a 43 were caught on singles, fished at range on the first night.
Kev knows he’s got a winning product. All I know is: If God made pop ups they would be almost as good as these.
They aint pukka or trim or sweet. They are a Proper Job.

Paul Crispin - Somerset

Thanks Kevin for a really great product. At last I've found a decent pop-up that lasts the course.
Fishing a 'roamer' rod with your pop-up, on a particularly hard water,  I was totally confident that my bait was on the right spot, after 3 days it was still 'up' - the result a welcome 27-lbs mirror carp.
Your pop-ups are without doubt the best that's out there.

Nick Simpkins  Wiltshire (Savay syndicate member for 12 years)

The tackle and bait industry is an interesting animal.  We’re lead to believe that every product is “brilliant” or “5 star rated”, etc, etc.  Well let’s be honest, it isn’t, is it?  Carp anglers young and old – we have all fallen for it – and this certainly rings true with pop-ups.  “Stays buoyant for days” proudly boasts the advert.  Probably true if attached to the most delicate of braids and sat above a tiny, thin-wired hook……..
Not the case with these fellows. When it comes to longevity and buoyancy they are in a league of their own.  There is nothing, and I
mean nothing, out there lighter than Proper-job Pop Ups.  I know because I know what is in them!  Personal favourite for me is the Nanas, (a single 11mm Nana produced a very welcome 38lbs 14oz mirror during an overnighter at the end of the season) either fished single or over a food bait.  (Maize has been a killer for me).
I have known Kevin a fair few years now and apart from being a very competent angler he is also a stickler for detail.  This is very evident in his pop-ups.  Everyone in the range is tried and tested and as you will read on the website, not just on “heavily stocked” waters but on “sparsely stocked” (one fish an acre or less) carp lakes.
Ignore all the bilge from other bait companies.
Don’t believe the hype,
simply go for the Proper-Job!  End of!

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