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Moulicent (France) Results
Jonathan Marshall very kindly sent this picture in of a 41lbs 02oz mirror which he caught on using an 11mm Devils Dung pop up from his lake in France and a few days later he sent me another picture of a 51lbs 08oz mirror he also caught from his own lake using a soon to be released "Fishy Peach" pop up. Here's a link to Jonathans website if you would like to have a browse

Thanks for your picture and feedback Jonathan. I'm pleased you like the "Fishy Peach".

Consistent Results
Kris Varley continued his run of success with the following carp to show for his efforts. Here's what Kris had to say:
My years continued to go well, and it's not over yet so I'm keeping hopeful of a few more.
Thanks again for your top stuff!

In the long run, consistency is what it's all about! Good angling Kris!

Getting it Right at Home & Abroad
Daniel Smith went on a fishing trip to Abbey Lakes in France and managed to bank the following specimens with the help of the proper jobs. Here's what Daniel had to say:
I've just returned from a good week at Abbey Lakes France. Fished Fox Lake and managed 4 fish between me and my partner. All fish fell to the nutty maple cream, mega buoyant pop ups in washed out pink. We had 1x 28.8 common, 1x 32 mirror 1x 42 mirror and a 50lb mirror!! :D Just wanted to say a big thanks as I honestly believe if it wasn't for your pop ups we wouldn't have caught the fish we did. I will be using your pop ups for the foreseeable future!!!
Cheers again

And no sooner had Daniel returned to the UK he sent me the following:
Just had another PB mate, my friend invited me to be his guest on a southern still water and I caught a 40.04 oz mirror :D

Many congratulations on your new PB and French result Daniel. Great memories!!
Good Looker!!
First time user Marcus Wetzl had a quick result in the shape of this awesome looking mirror carp. Here' what Marcus had to say about his first impressions of the proper jobs:
Hi Kevin thank you for sending through my pop ups earlier this week. They arrived about a day and half after me placing the order online, which was superb service.
My first impression of them was that they certainly looked, felt and smelt the part. So off I go fishing Thursday morning to the Nunney syndicate D lake which is tricky little water from which a couple of fish a season is normal. Cast out one of your complimentary 'condensed milk' mega buoyant sweeties and 10pm that morning I caught the 39lb mirror I have sent the pictures of.
A friend turns up and blags one of the 'condensed milks' from me, goes into the next swim and hooks a good fish within two hours of casting out. Sadly he let it fall off, but getting bites is what it is all about.
I checked my rigs this morning on packing up and can honestly say that after 24 hours of being in the water the popped up section still sat perfectly as when I set the rig up initially. Also the bait itself still smelt the same and had hardly swollen, which is absolutely superb.
Thanks very much, your pop ups are fabulous.
I own two lakes in France ( and man alive do I see some rubbish.
Marcus Wetzl.

Thanks for the feedback Marcus and congratulations on the capture of an awesome specimen!!
Bespoke Services
Michael Walton took advantage of the Bespoke Services and had a batch of pop ups made to suit his requirements and he very kindly sent in this picture of a 41lb + mirror which took a liking to his offering.

Great result Michael, your feedback and picture is much appreciated!!
First Time User
Kevin Willacey didn't waste any time in putting the proper jobs to good use! Here's what Kevin had to say:
Cheers for the pop ups mate. First weekend I ever tried the P.J.P.Ups. First fish was 22-8 mirror then 36 lb common caught from the Aveley syndicate. I was so pleased with them, I came straight home and ordered some more. Happy days!!!

Congrats on your result and thanks for the feedback. Nothing gives an angler more confidence than a fish in the net when using a new product for the first time.

Brace of Thirties
Matt's been in amongst the big fish again with the help of the Scopex Cream proper jobs. Here's what Matt had to say:
Here we go mate, a brace of 30lb Commons 2 of the 5 30's that reside in the syndicate and caught using the scopex & cream over a scattering of 18mm & 15mm dumbbells.
Thank-you once again mate for a pop up I have 100% confidence in.

Top result Matt!! I'm well pleased for you.

Bespoke Pop Ups
Richard Patten had a good idea of the flavour attractor package he wanted in a pop up, so Richard gave me a ring and we had a chat about various options open to him. We agreed a recipe, the pops were made and delivered and here's what he had to say about the bespoke pop ups he received:
Hi Kevin
I thought you would like to know, last night was the first time I had chance to give the pop ups a proper go...
So, after fish of 16lb common, 21lb common and a 33lb mirror, I think we got the recipe right!
Absolutely made up, fishing singles, no extra bait (deliberately as everyone is piling it in), on a short 7pm to 9am session!
Really can't wait to get out and give them another go, biggest fish of the season so far for me. I attached a pic for you, hope it comes out.
Thanks again,

Many congrats on your excellent result, but you still have to put the pops in the right place which you obviously did, which is good angling!

Huge French Common & UK Fully Scaled
Tony made the long trip to Rainbow Lake in France and banked several massive carp with the help of some proper jobs. The biggest fish was this huge common which took a liking to a snowman presentation which had been topped with a white, cream special. Back in the UK, he banked this fully scaled mirror using a savoury crab popup to support his chod rig.
Congratulations Tony. You are holding a couple of very special fish!

Huge Common
Alan Pritchard very kindly sent in these pictures of 3 of his recent captures. Here's what Alan had to say:
Hi Kev
Just thought you might like to see a few fish I've caught on your Scopex and Peach pop ups recently. Keep rolling Kev, the baits are all first class
Thanks Alan Pritchard

Many congratulations Alan, a forty plus common is a very special moment in any carp anglers diary!!

Getting it Right
Matt Horton has certainly been getting it right with a little help from the Proper Jobs. Matt sent in so many pictures of recent captures that I have only included a small portion here (if you want to see the rest, you will have to look in the gallery). Here's what Matt had to say about recent events:
I fish your pop ups over a scattering of boilies as the boilies I use wash out really nicely and the off white of the scopex & cream are not only the same flavouring they are also nearly the same colour after they have been in the water for 12hrs.
I fish stiff hinged rigs with a size 6 chod hook and have found the bigger fish fell to the smaller 13mm pop ups rather than the 15mm. I'm 100% confident that they will present the rig as it should be for as long as needed.

Outstanding result/s Matt, I'm well pleased for you!

Didn't Take Long
Mark Davis's pop ups arrive the on the day of his fishing trip and it didn't take long for him to put them to good use. Here's what Mark had to say:
Hi Kevin
Just like to thank you for my order and I would like to show you the 31lbs 8oz mirror that I caught with the help of your 11mm chocolate orange pop ups. Again many thanks.
Mark Davis

Many congrats on your result Mark and fingers crossed the first of many.
Nutty Maple Cream
Simon Wright very kindly sent in this picture of yet another carp to fall to a Nutty Maple Cream pop up. Here's what Simon had to say:
Hi Kev
Hope all is well, your pop ups just continue to put fish on the bank for me. This one was taken last week on your Pink, Nutty Maple Cream fished to a very small hole in the weed. Well pleased with this Sutton strain mirror @ just over 34lbs.
Cheers Simon

Thanks once again Simon. Fingers crossed your success continues.
Forty Common
Jake Bromley had a very memorable result in the shape of this 40lbs Common which was closely followed by a 35lbs Common. Here's what Jake had to say about this memorable event:
Hello Kevin
I brought your new Scopex and Strawberry in washed out pink and your new Chocolate Orange in beige and I caught two of the biggest commons in the lake within 12 hours, 40-2 common and 35-10 common, amazing stuff. I give you your due your pop ups are incredible. I've caught loads on your pop ups and they are the daddy.

Top result Jake, it doesn't get any better than that!

First French Trip
Paul Richardson made his first trip to France this year along with his father. Torrential rain and hail storms hampered the feeding spells but here's the best of the bunch of 12 fish, which all fell to the Scopex Peach pop ups.

Great result for your first trip to France Paul and thanks for the pictures/feedback.

What about this then?
Every now and then I get an email of a very special event involving the proper jobs and that event has just taken place in the shape of the capture of this magnificent brace of huge UK carp and their captor Nick Dodds. Personally, I look at these pictures and think "not only are these carp huge, they are of nearly perfect proportions as well (the mirror is something else!)". Here's what Nick had to say:

Brace caught on proper job pop ups from Bayeswater, 48lbs 2oz Common and 47lbs 2oz Mirror. Both carp caught within 2.5 hours of each other! Brilliant product, happy customer and your product is the best I've used and I've been carp fishing for 35 years!

To be honest Nick, I'm nearly lost for words. All I can say is "Awesome, absolutely awesome".

Three Crackers!!
Alex Ballinger has been using the proper jobs as part of his armoury for some time now and he always seems to produce the goods as these three crackers will show. Here's what Alex had to say:

Hi Kevin,
I didn't get out much last year but managed to bag a few goodens in the last couple of weeks :) all fish were taken on the nutty maple cream.

Fair play Alex, that's three fine looking carp you're holding and that starburst is a right cracker!

Consistent Results
Simon Wright has consistently been producing the goods with the help of the proper jobs! Here's what Simon had to say:

Hi Kev,
Hope all is well, just wanted to send you some pics and a little story from a recent trip out.
During a recent 4 night trip to my Berkshire syndicate I managed to bag 6 fish including the following, low double, 22.8 common and mirrors of 28, 30.2, 36.10 & 37.10. All the fish were caught on your White Cream Specials over a custom boilie mix from XBaits. I have attached the best of the fish for you.
Well pleased and loving your little buoyant balls, another order to follow soon.

Brilliant result Simon! That Berkshire syndicate has turned into a very special place to be!
Serious Hauling!!!
Paul Ellison has been catching a serious number of big carp on the proper jobs! In some cases Paul had no sooner returned one thirty pounder when another rod was away and within 30 minutes he was posing in front of the camera with another thirty! Pauls fishing friend (who was using another bait) was unfortunately blanking. Paul said it wasn't long before his friend poked his head through his bivvy door with cap in hand, asking for a proper job. So out of the kindness of his heart Paul very generously gave his friend a proper job to try and guess what? It wasn't long before Paul's friend was also posing for the camera!
All the above results came to the Savoury Crab pops!
Note: The 34lbs mirror and 30lbs 04oz common are both personal bests for Paul
Great result Paul and I love the bit where your friend come to your bivvy door, cap in hand.
PS: Since the above result, Paul gave the Spicy Liver Sausage a go and after a night with no action, he went on to bank a 31lbs 08oz mirror closely followed by a 26lbs 04oz mirror.
New Personal Best
Kris Varley has been doing very well using the proper jobs of late and catching a new personal best was a very special moment for him! Here's what Kris had to say about recent events:

've just got back from a 36 hour session, in which I've managed to land my personal best common of 25lb 6oz. The fish was stocked 4.5 years ago and hasn't been seen since! So whatever I'm up-to appears to be doing the trick! Not an old fish but the clarity of the water gives them all such awesome colours!
The b.p plus has done me proud, as has your devils dung and cheese. I have found the devils dung and cheese to sit perfectly amongst a bed of cell after having washed out just a little.
I've attached a picture of one of the beauties I was after. Nothing on the large side compared to what's around these days but an old one for sure!
The squid and octoplus produced a 19lb 6 mirror the other day, and saved what would have been a blank had I not cast to a showing fish at 4:40am. A tactic I'm told doesn't work on the water, so I was taken aback as the bobbin slammed tight a mere 15 minutes later!
I think I'm 3 fish ahead of everyone on the lake combined, with 15 landed and 5 lost. In no way am I trying to sound egotistical either. I think it's testament to your flavour combinations and how effective my rigs have become due to the buoyancy x infinity!
Many thanks again.

Congratulations on your new personal best and results so far this year. Fingers crossed your success will continue.
Getting Bigger
Another first time user Martin Wilson sent me in this catch report on his first two outings with the proper jobs. Here's what Martin had to say:

They are getting bigger Kevin. My first was a 15lb mirror on the free sample of the condensed milk you sent me with my first order and my next trip produced this lovely 18lb 14oz common which was caught on your banana barrels. Proof they are the proper job pop ups. Two sessions, two fish. Thanks Kevin.

Many thanks for the picture and feedback Martin. Fingers crossed they keep getting bigger.

New P.B
First time user Jason Shaw didn't waste any time and put the proper jobs to good use straight away!! Here's what Jason had to say about his first couple of sessions on the proper jobs:

Hi mate 1st time I've used proper job pop ups and caught 24lb 2oz common on the Pineapple & N/Butyric from Charity Lakes, Lenwade, Norfolk. Great pop ups!
Went on my 2nd session and caught a new PB at 27lb and 10oz on the yellow pineapple pop up. Happy days!!
Plus here's a picture of the 3rd fish of the season, a lovely 26lb common caught on the yellow Pineapple and N/Butyric. Proper job by proper job pop ups again! Cheers Jason.

Congrats on a very memorable couple of sessions. Nothing boosts the confidence more than a fish or two on the bank!!

Lake Record
The 26th January 2014 will go down in Bryan Rowles diary as a very special day!
Bryan presented a finger licking good (there's a clue there) barrel shaped pop ups to tempt this huge mirror which represents a new lake record (51lbs 02oz) and PB!!

I would like to say: Congratulation Bryan. A new PB, lake record and January capture. It doesn't get any better than that!!!!
French Whacker
Lloyd Cotter sent me this picture of a huge 75lbs common which took a liking to a 13mm Fluoro Yellow Pineapple & N/B pop up during a trip to France.

Nice one Lloyd. Fingers crossed, one day I'll catch one like that.
Trevor Bradford had a very memorable session on the Car Park Lake (Yateley Complex) when he banked the much sought after Big Orange.
Many anglers have spent months of their lives in trying to capture this old warrior!!
The Big Orange pulled the scales around to 43lbs and took a liking to a 15mm, Orange coloured Scopex/Peach & N/B pop up.

A very special/memorable moment and Great Result! Job Done!!
First Time Out
First time user Ian sent in this picture and here's what Ian had to say:
Just thought I'd send you this. 1st time out with your pop ups, 23lb10oz common. They're superb! Thank you very much ;)

Ian G

That's a great start Ian. Fingers crossed the first of many.
White Pineapple & N/B
I'm going back to the end of the summer when Philip Wilkes kindly sent in this picture of a fine looking old carp. Here's what Philip had to say about his result:
Hi Kevin,

Had this beauty on one of the ever faithful 13mm White Pineapple and
N-Butyric over a bed of cell. The carp just love this pop up.

Thanks again for providing us all with great pop ups.

Great result Phil! Fingers crossed them little white pineapple pops will put a few more crackers on the bank like this one.

Scopex Cream
Mick Davison had a result back in May when he captured this large common. Here's what Mick had to say:
I thought you may like a photo of Bluebell Lakes, Swan Lake "Scar" common at 41:04 lb from back in May. I caught it on a 13mm Scopex Cream White pop up and had a load of twenties too. Great pop ups. Everyone is amazed at how buoyant they are.


Brilliant result Mick!! A forty one plus common is something very special!!

French Holiday Success
David Jones sent in this picture of a cracking common from a recent fishing holiday in France. Here's what David had to say:
Hi Kev,

Just returned from a very hot week in France. Landed 12 and lost 5, all fish were caught using your little specials over my regular food bait the largest was a lovely 45.8 common that I have attached for your website. This was caught on a 15mm Scopex Combo. I also had a couple on the washed out Pink pepper and my favourite spice specials.

Many thanks

Dave J

Thanks for the picture (you look a bit warm) and feedback David. It's much appreciated!!
Wellington Parks Number One
Liam McGoldrick very kindly sent me in this picture of Wellington Country Parks biggest resident in the shape of a fish called "Turtle".
Out of respect for Liam's wishes, I will not divulge the proper job pop up details used in the capture of this fine 52lbs mirror, but suffice to say that he's well pleased with the pop ups and catching Wellingtons residents on a regular basis.

Many congratulations Liam, brilliant result, huge carp, job done!!
Cream Specials
Richard has discovered just how special the Cream Specials are and here's what he had to say:
Hi Kevin
I had this 23LB 15OZ Mirror from a low stocked private midlands water.... I've had 5 fish from there all on your Cream Special Pops.....This being the biggest. Your Pops are serving me well. Big thank you for making the best Pops money can buy....

Richard Hodgkiss

Thanks for your kind words. Fingers crossed the pops will continue to serve you well

French Mirror Carp
Here are a couple of pictures of a large mirror carp Graham Smith very kindly sent in. Graham used a whittled down proper job pineapple tip to balance a single grain of maize and tempt the 53lbs 12oz heavily scaled mirror into making a mistake. This is the first time the carp has made a visit to the bank in over a year of evading capture.

Congratulations Graham. It just goes to show that a little bit more attention to the finer details can pay dividends!!!

Cream Specials

Geoffrey Ionascu very kindly sent in these couple of picture of a recent capture of a pristine common which took a liking to a Cream Special pop up presented on a stiff hinge rig. The carp also represents a very special moment in Geoffrey angling diary as it is a new personal best common for him.

Congratulation on a very special/memorable result and many thanks for the feedback/pictures. It's much appreciated!!

Bespoke Services

I nearly forgot about this one (shame on me). David Moncaster sent this picture through last November (2012) of a pristine 33lbs 10oz common which he caught on his first outing using a bespoke pop up which had been run especially for him.
Congrats on a top result. Nothing boosts the confidence when using new bait more so than a fish in the net!!!

Good Observation

Long time proper job user Steven Wadsworth put the Scopex Combo to good use during a session on a difficult venue. Hereís what Steven had to say:

Hi Kevin

Just to let you know I was fishing a difficult syndicate water at the weekend (mid May) and after a quiet night fishing bottom baits I saw a fish roll about 50 yards out. I cast a single 13mm Scopex Combo towards it and within 5 minutes had a 29:04 Common (picture attached). As usual the Scopex Combo works its magic!

Best regards


Good observation, a good cast on the money and a nice common to show for your efforts = Good Angling!

Cracking Leather

Local carp hauling machine Taron Warner has used the proper jobs for some time now, but these are the first pictures he has kindly sent in.
Taz used one of the bespoke proper jobs to top his food bait offering and this prime conditioned Leather carp could not resist it.

Cheers for the pictures Taz. Thatís a fine looking kipper!!

Proper Lump

Paul Wyatt had a memorable start to the spring at Wellington Country Park. Hereís what Paul had to say:

Hi Kevin

I thought I would send you a couple of photos that your recent shipment bagged ;)
Nice start to the spring Foldy

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