Spice Blend


Sweet spice would be the simplest description of this one. Its make up includes a blend of spicy oil based attractors including cinnamon and clove essential oils along with a powdered natural sweetener.


I think it would be fair to say that most old school angler will know how effective cinnamon and clove are as major carp attractors (I managed to catch my first forty on a cinnamon flavoured pop up). Even though I know the spice blend is an exceptional carp catcher, I still sent some pops out to various angler to have a dabble with and the general consensus of opinion was/is- this blend is something a bit special with anglers reporting exceptional results coming to the pops either fished as standalone singles or used as top knots along with a bottom bait, but as with all things which are a little bit special there is generally a price to be paid and in the case of the spice blend, the price is, this flavour blend produces pop ups which are fairly hard and if you tie on your pop ups you will have to form a shallow groove indentation around the pop up to ensure the pop ups stays on during the cast

Note: The Mega Buoyant (MB) Specials are extremely buoyant and will out-perform cork ball pop ups in more ways than one. Basically the MBs are designed for chod rigs when used on 45lbs leadcore leaders, as they take the weight out of the leadcore allowing your presentation to land softly on top of any weed present.

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