Chocolate Malt


Available in 3 Colours, Barrels & M/Buoyant

Description: Not a lot added to this one, just Chocolate Malt flavour with a generous dose of an amino enriched liquid food supplement. Not only does this flavour smell great, it tastes of chocolate as well.
Note: Due to the inherent Brown colorant within the food supplement, the White pop ups have a slight brownish tinge to their appearance.

Comments: The release of this one has come about due to the constant pestering of friends and other people around me. It must be around twenty years ago now that this flavour came to my attention with carp in my area coming to the net with one of these flavoured balls hanging down by the side of their mouths. So if you want to try one of the biggest of the big all time flavoured pop ups, with the high performance associated with Proper Job Pop Ups, place your order now.

Note: The Mega Buoyant (MB) Specials are extremely buoyant and will out-perform cork ball pop ups in more ways than one. Basically the MBs are designed for chod rigs when used on 45lbs leadcore leaders, as they take the weight out of the leadcore allowing your presentation to land softly on top of any weed present.

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