Scopex Combo


Available in 3 Colours, Barrels & M/Buoyant

This one’s a combination of the following goodies: Scopex and Squid & Octopus flavours, Liver Extract, Liquid Liver, Black Pepper Essential Oil and N/Butyric Acid

Now I know this one cannot strictly be called a Classic, but as its makeup includes many classic ingredients I thought the Classics page would be the best place for it.

Those of you who have ever put together flavour/additive combinations will know that what sounds good on paper doesn’t always turn out as well as one had hoped. But when my carp nose first got a whiff of this combo, I just knew it was going to be good. The amount of carp falling to this combo has been exceptional to say the least. Personally I used this combo almost exclusively during 2010 and I managed to catch my fair share of carp.

Note: The Mega Buoyant (MB) Specials are extremely buoyant and will out-perform cork ball pop ups in more ways than one. Basically the MBs are designed for chod rigs when used on 45lbs leadcore leaders, as they take the weight out of the leadcore allowing your presentation to land softly on top of any weed present.

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