Black Beauties - Savoury Crab


Savoury Crab incorporates the complex crab flavour, savoury powdered extract, and savoury liquid food plus flavour enhancer.

This flavour/additive combination has exceeded my expectations by a considerable margin with many carp falling to it in the UK and abroad.

The flavour blend/additives incorporated into the Savoury Crab Black Beauties are exactly the same as the Savoury Crab pop ups found in the Standard Range, also the Mega Buoyant (MB) Specials are extremely buoyant and will out-perform cork ball pop ups in more ways than one. Basically the MBs are designed for chod rigs when used on 45lbs leadcore leaders, as they take the weight out of the leadcore allowing your presentation to land softly on top of any weed present.

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