Tips - Scopex/Cream


Proper Job Pop-ups

Available in Four Colours - Size 11mm x 7-8mm - (each tub contains approximately 100 Tips)


This one is a blend of the classic Scopex flavour along with a few drops of a very pungent cream flavour (which is naturally slightly sweet) added, along with a generous dose of an amino enriched liquid food supplement.

Notes: Due to the inherent Red colorant within the food supplement, the White pop ups have a slight pinkish tinge to their appearance

The flavour blend/additives incorporated into the Scopex/Cream Tips are exactly the same as the Scopex/Cream pop ups found in the Classics Range.


Please be aware that Bream and Roach as well as Carp are very partial to this flavour combination.

Caution! Don’t forget that great care must be taken when piercing the “TIPS” (they will split if pierced with standard round profiled baiting needles). I strongly advise that one uses a slim flat profile baiting needle such as the Korda Rigs Toolz Heavy Needle Ref: KBNH (the one with the green handle) or alternatively one can use a fine drill to drill a small hole though the tip to avoid splitting.

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