Foreword by Mike Winstone.

"Without question Kev’s pop-ups are the most buoyant I’ve ever come across, exactly what pop ups should be, and they will remain buoyant indefinitely.
When Kev sent me some for the first time to have a look at, I knew before I received them they were going to be good.
I took some of the Crab pop ups that he does to a local water for a day only session and took 11 carp including several upper twenties. Having got to know Kevin over the years, there’s no doubt he has a great understanding of all things carpy.
If he says it’s good, it’s good. Finally a pop up that does what it says on the tin and in a range of unique sizes and flavours. These little gems are sure to become a hit."

Foreword by Max Cottis.

I was introduced to Kevin's PJPU's a few years ago and have been a massive fan ever since!
Over the years his baits have accounted for numerous big fish for me when I've needed a pop up I could rely on to remain buoyant for days on end...........

Chocolate Orange and Nutty Maple Cream are two of my favourites.......pure confidence in a tub and baits I cannot recommend highly enough!!!!!

Latest News
news1 Regular and long-time customer Dan Caylor has been using half an 11 miller to turn his bottom baits in-to wafters and he’s doing very nicely as a result of that little extra effort. Here’s what Dan had to say:

Hi Kev - Here are some pics of some recent fish. I’ve been cutting your 11mm savoury crab in half Read More »


news2Darren Winstone very kindly sent through the below picture and feedback of his latest capture for all of us to see/read. Here’s what Darren had to say:

Hi Kevin - Latest capture this time on the MB Chocolate Orange popups. Fished over a kilo of matching perfection ground baits Chocolate Orange Read More »

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